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Premium Snow Cover Installation Instructions



  1. Remove product from storage pouch.
  2. Unfold and place the cover so the “This Side Facing Out” sticker is facing outward allowing the magnets to adhere to the

Note: Position flaps closer to top of the windshield

Close the driver’s side door with the flap inserted. Be careful not to close the sewn-in weight inside the door.


Place cover carefully, do not toss across the windshield. This may cause the weights to strike the windshield.


Stretch cover tightly across the windshield then slowly close the opposite door flap into the passenger’s door.

Tip: If the vehicle has four doors, open the rear door slightly during this step to allow air to escape and not blow the flap out upon closing.


  1. Place loops over the side wing mirrors to secure cover.
  2. Ensure that all magnets are flat against the body of the vehicle with cover tight.
  3. Ensure that windshield wipers are covered with magnets lying flat against the hood of the vehicle.


Tip: The TIGHTER the cover is pulled across the windshield,

the more RESISTANT it is to WIND.



  1. Remove driver’s side door flap by opening driver’s
  2. Remove passenger’s side door flap by opening passenger’s door
  3. Pull either side across the windshield so that all snow and frost fall to the side of the vehicle.

NOTE: DO NOT stress seam by pulling on flap

  1. Shake cover to remove loose snow, ice, or frost


IMPORTANT:  Ensure cover is dry before next use to prevent it from freezing to the vehicles windshield.


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